About Foundrs


What is Foundrs?

Foundrs is an invite-only community of like minded entrepreneurs who share one simple belief: that by parking our egos, letting down our guard and actively looking for ways to help each other through open and honest conversation, we can better manage the highs and lows of building a business and be more fulfilled in the process.

We come together for dinners and events - sometimes focussed on specific business challenges, other times just socially - and are galvanised by an active email list where members can pose questions and challenges when they need support.

Foundrs currently has “Chapters” in London and California (LA/SF) and is actively growing the network globally. The aim is that every member can immediately connect with like minded peers who share Foundrs values wherever they are in the world.

Why does Foundrs exist?

We got bored of everyone telling us they were “killing it”, bored of telling everyone else we were “killing it”, and found that actually we all share similar pains. Starting companies is hard - both practically and emotionally - and what began as a dinner amongst a few founder friends became a valuable crutch and support network to share insights, challenges and advice.

Who are in Foundrs?

  • Every member is either a current founder or has been a founder in the past.
  • Broadly speaking, they come from deeply ambitious, high growth companies across a broad array of sectors. They want to build big, impactful businesses.
  • They range from young entrepreneurs in super early stage startups to seasoned founders with multiple exits to their name.
  • Foundrs isn’t elitist - but purely about attitude and propensity to help others.
  • While a number in the group are active angel investors, there are no VCs, journalists or anyone that could be deemed to use the private conversation to their advantage.

What is Foundrs not?

  • No ownership. The committee responsible for Foundrs curate the community and do their best to guide it towards its principles, but everyone is encouraged to get stuck in, host events and contribute value for everyone.
  • For profit. Any revenue created from ticket sales and small sums of sponsorship goes back into building the community. Everyone who gives time does so on a voluntary basis.
  • Full of arrogant, egotistical, know it alls. There are enough places for that!

How do I get involved?

Foundrs is strictly invite only and you must be referred by a current member. Prospective Foundrs are invited to dinner as an introduction before joining the community.

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